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Prospective foal insurance

Prospective foal insurance covers against the financial loss of a failed pregnancy, whether in utero or post birth. It refers to the insurance of an unborn foal until an agreed date after foaling, usually 30 days after birth or up to fall of hammer at an agreed foal sale.

This insurance policy is subject to the following conditions:

  • Negative twin ultrasound scan
  • Confirmation the mare is fit to carry the foal full term
  • Satisfactory breeding record for the mare

Policy periods

Policy periods are designed to suit the owners needs, but usually the following parameters apply:

  • Incept:
    • From 42 days after last service date
    • From 1st October
  • End:
    • Until 1st October
    • Until 48 hours after birth
    • Until 30 days after birth
    • Until the Fall of Hammer Foal Sale