horse insurance

All risks of mortality (and other Covers)

Anglo Hibernian will pay the full sum insured/fair market value (whichever the lower) of an insured horse in the event of:

- Death of the horse
- Theft of the horse
- Humane Destruction of the horse by a recognised veterinary surgeon


This insurance policy is subject to the standard declaration of health and veterinary certificate or nil if warranted sound at fall of hammer at a recognised bloodstock auction.

Insurance for this type of cover is also subject to Anglo Hibernian’s policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

Market Value Policies

It is important to note that Anglo Hibernian Insurance Policies are Market Value Policies, i.e. the Underwriter is only obliged, in the event of claim, to pay what is thought to be the Market Value/Sum Insured (whichever the lower) at the time of death.

Agreed Value Extension Clause

Whereby an agreement is reached and confirmed in writing from the Underwriter that a horse is insured at a specific value.

Download Agreed Value Extension Clause here 

Extension Clauses

Every 12 month policy automatically includes a 90 day extension clause for no extra charge. However, for a small additional premium this can be extended to a 12 month extension clause. See details attached

Download extension clause details here 

Wordings & Forms

Declaration of Health Download here
Veterinary Certificate Download here
ARM Wordings Download here

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